How To Cut Down On Added Sugar In Your Life

How To Cut Down On Added Sugar In Your Life

I really think that the key to eating healthier is making your own food. Buy raw and fresh ingredients and make your meals from scratch. To improve upon that strategy would be to grow your own veggies and raise your own animals. But farming isn’t something that everyone can do. But knowing what is in your food makes a big difference in your health.

The second key here is winning the battle in the store. If you don’t want to eat it, don’t buy it. If it is in the house, you’re going to eat it. Make sure you buy yourself snacks that are healthy that you will eat. Everyone gets the munchies now and again.

Something this article doesn’t touch on that I think is important: not all calories are created equal. The equation of balancing the number of calories in to the number out isn’t how nutrition works. Sugar is a big deal in the weight gain world because of how our body responds to blood sugar levels. It is essential that our bodies keep the right amount of sugars in our blood. When we eat all this added sugar the concentration in our blood shoots through the roof. The only way the body has of reducing that sugar level is to convert the sugar to fat. So, you might exercise the same number of calories (but that is unlikely) but the damage has already been done.

Way is added sugar worse the natural sugars? Because of what comes with it. Natural sugars come with fiber which slows the absorption of the sugar into the blood stream making those high spikes less likely. Meaning it is less likely that your body will need to convert the sugar into fat.

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