Mental Illness is Not an Invisible Illness

Source: Mental Illness is Not an Invisible Illness | Don’t Call Me Crazy


This is something that I both agree and don’t agree with.

I get the idea that you can’t look at someone and know that they have mental illness. The same way that you can’t look at someone and know that they have high blood pressure.

But I think that this is a misleading statement. When we engage with others, we compare them to the social norm. We know when people are not behaving the way that we expect them to. It may or may not be because of mental illness. But we are not clueless. Humans are very aware and perceptive to the behavioral patterns of others.

Just because we don’t recognize it as mental illness doesn’t mean that we aren’t seeing it. Because of that, I think that educating the public can help save lives. In the same way that education about heart attacks has saved lived. These days, almost everyone can tell you the symptoms of a heart attack and many are CPR certified. I’d like mental illness to have that same kind of educational change. People should know the signs of depression and what the warning signs of suicide are.

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