Radio Silence…

Well, I’m back. I have written during my absence here, but it has been on paper (gasp). I will be posting those journals here and you will be seeing an influx. I will be starting that process today, but I have no idea how long it will take me to complete and don’t know how much writing I will do while I am working on this.

Something that I want to point out:
There are many entries on my blog that are numbered. The system for numbering them is straight forward. It’s the date that it was produced. So, something written today would be numbered 071516. If I wrote more than one thing that day, I will add a number to the end of the date. So, to continue to use today as an example: the first thing I wrote would be numbered 0715161 and the second would be numbered 0715162.

Why do I use this numbering system? I’m too lazy to give everything a title. So much of what I write is just a flow of ideas that they don’t seem to need or want titles. The numbers give me something to reference and a way to track them. That’s all there is to it.

When I am back posting, it is likely that all the back posts will be given only numeric titles.


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