Today we went to Body World. Sue went with us. We all had a great time. The people who did the dissections were experts. I took a bunch of photos. They had a stupid rule that I broke. They did not want cameras but would allow cell phone pictures. If I’m not using the flash, there is no difference between the 2 devices. I understand and respect the reason for no flash. So, I broke the rule and took pictures anyway. The weird part is the woman who worked there. She talked with me while I was taking pictures and watched me doing it more than once without issue. Then when I was most of the way through she was all like “You can’t do that.” What the fuck? Makes no sense. I hate that kind of shit. I told her the rule was stupid and that it was more stupid for her to changer her mind at that point. I then nodded and smiled when she gave me the “not my rule” bull shit. I’ve used the line myself. But never after I had ignored the rule. As staff you have to either always follow the rules or you’re just an ass hole. Once she moseyed on, I went back to taking pictures. The other issue I have is when staff are not able to give the reason for the rule.

Any way…

The cadavers were prepared via plastination. While I know that these were once living people, the plastination process made them more like models. It makes them more approachable. And by using cadavers, you can see what people really look like. Models just don’t look like people really do. These are the methods that you want surgeons taught by, not the models.

This display allows lay people to see and learn about the human body. This particular display was about the “cycle of life.” And I think they had it set up well because it let people by-pass the fetal and infant section. They also had these audio devices that people could use to listen to while going through the exhibit. It was nice because you could listen to as much or as little as you liked. It also made it so that your listening did not disrupt others around you.

I did not take any Herbert pictures because it felt disrespectful. So, I’ll have to put that in a post on Herbert’s site.

After we went to a coffee shop at the Union Station. It seems strange to me that a train station has an exhibit in it.

After that we went back to the hotel and had a steak dinner. We cooked it on the grill here and ate it with potatoes, salad and bread. It was a good meal. Nice to eat something we cooked rather than ready foods or restaurants.

Then we went to Sue’s house for game night. Jason was able to join us. It was fun. When we got back to the hotel we could see fireworks. No idea who or why but we enjoyed watching them.


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