We went to the Cosmos Sphere. Sue decided not to come because she did not feel that she could tolerate the long day on her feet and all the walking. She had both knees replaced. And she still has a hard time with her knees.

There was so much stuff there! I feel like I could have spent more time there, but we couldn’t. There are videos and simulators and the museum.

One video was about robots. I didn’t learn anything new, but it was still fun to watch. Monkey didn’t seem to like it much but the Dragon and I did. Even though I know the stuff they are working on, it still amazes me every time I think about it. We have come so far with all this tech. We are making robots that are more human which is so promising but also scary. Is the risk worth the benefit?

The robot movie also talked about the brain interfacing tech that we are working on. We can do basic computer tasks just by thinking about it. But they have to put an implant into your brain. Any tech that requires an implant scares me.

I have conflicted emotions about the tech that we are researching. I can see all the good things that we can do with it but I can not shake away the foreboding related to all the possible ways the same tech can hurt us. I have read hundred of books that talk about these risks. And movies too.

Sorry, I’m rambling…

We went to a little rocket demo too. Again, I didn’t learn anything new but it was fun because I enjoyed seeing the reactions of the kids there. And who doesn’t like to see a fire ball or rockets?

After that, we went to a show that was about astronomy. Both the robot and star shows are projected up onto a dome. The robot one was weird because it made my ears hurt. The stars one made me motion sick and I had to close my eyes often. And it sucks to go to a movie and have to close your eyes! At least I had some meclezine with me to take. Thank you Monkey!

The star show was beautiful. Some history and science about the telescopes. I learned a few things in the history department but for the most part, this show was all eye candy!

After that we went downstairs to the museum. The place was amazing! I took a billion or so photos. Enough that Monkey bought me a second memory card because I filled the one that I had. There was so much to see and read. I don’t think that I recall more then 1% of it. I didn’t know that the V2 bomb was what led to the space program.

The items that they have on display are so rich in history. And what is more awe inspiring then going into space?

We decided to stay in the museum rather then go to the other show and the simulation. I’m sad that there wasn’t enough time. There is just so much packed into that building. I’m glad we went early. We got there when it opened and left just before closing. We spent all day and still did not get it all.


We ate lunch there. Nothing exciting. Burgers, giant soft pretzels, and cheese sticks. It was good, in that theater, movie/fast food kind of way. Since we don’t eat fast food it feels like a treat when we get to, but it also reminds us why we don’t.

After the Cosmos Sphere, we stopped at a shake shop and got these really good milk shakes. It’s a place that Monkey went to when he lived here. We also drove by the house where his gram used to live.  A lot of memories in this place for him.

The drive back to the hotel seemed to take forever. They both fell asleep for parts of it. I wish! I finished reading Hunger Games while driving. It was a good book. Better then the movie. I took a wrong turn which added 15 minutes to our trip. Which is forever when you already feel the trip is taking forever and you just want to go to bed!


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