We left about noon yesterday and arrived her at 1630. There is a hour difference between here and there which is on our ride, getting us an extra hour. The drive wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be.

The first time we stopped it was at a mobile gas station for a pee break. Had to get gas too. That was the nastiest bathroom I have ever seen. There was a puddle of urine on the floor around the toilet. On the seat there was a smear of shit with a piece of toilet paper stuck to it. But I really had to pee! The toilet was too tall to do a hover. Got to love being short…

So, I got some paper towels, loaded them with soap and washed the seat up. Not much I could do about the puddle. I was glad it wasn’t deep enough to go in the holes in the sides of my Crocs. I felt like bathing myself with Purell when I was done. I’m not one that expects a bathroom to be spotless. But seriously? Excretion should not be on any of the surfaces!

Invested in some Purell while there. I bet they sell a lot of those.

Out second bathroom and gas stop was also an adventure. Getting gas wasn’t hard. There were plenty of places that sold gas 24 hours. But finding a place where the building was open and had a bathroom? That was an act of god. I had to pee so badly that it hurt and there I am driving in circles in hopes of finding a toilet. I thought about going door to door on houses and asking to use the bathroom. Wonder if someone would have said “yes”? I believe there would have been!

Because life is life, we had to delay leaving, so I really wanted to get them there as soon as I could. Even though it wasn’t my fault (or anyone’s) I felt bad about Monkey missing days. So, I decided that I was going to drive stright through without sleeping. I didn’t have any prblems staying awake for the drive, but I hurt about every where. Staying in that same position for so long is damn near murder. I will be stopping 1/2 way on the trip home. My shoulders are the worst of it but mu feet are swollen enough that I can’t get my shoes on. Awesome. And they ache. Hopefully, they’ll go down after moving around.

Went to the opening court, but I have no idea what that was all about. It was hard to hear but even what I did hear didn’t make much sense.

There wasn’t anything else to attend today. Looked at the few shops that were open and found some good stuff. A necklace and a bag that have matching horse knot work as the broach and cloak clasp that Monkey had already bought me.

Over all, not a busy day. The last 200 miles of driving was serious “are we there yet?”

Been awake about 40 years oh, wait hours. 40 hours.


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I am Myself I am a Wife Blessed with love I am a Mother Endowed with divinity Through the power of creation I am a Daughter Brought into this world With unending hope And the promise of the future I am a Sister Made fierce and strong While forged with kindness Protector and protected Spiraling together forever I am a Nurse Holding out the hands of healing And offering the sick comfort And the dying love Knowing that through this All things are healed and made whole I am a Writer Creating myself and world Sharing the inner depths of humanity Bringing together the divine And the humble mortal I tell the story of the Goddess And am remembered forever

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