One Book to Rule Them All… or something

So, the group I play with mostly plays D&D, currently 5th. The thing that I have liked about getting into this new edition is that there has only been one book to work from. The GM has 2 (DM guide and Player’s Handbook). But I do miss the diversity that came with the crap ton of books in 3.5 edition. What about you? Do you prefer a bunch of books or just the one? I feel like the bunches of books offers more richness and ideas, but it also becomes cumbersome and can easily turn the sessions into sludge. I know that as a GM, I prefer the one book. I’m too lazy to learn more than that. Hell, I have a hard time getting on book worth of rules down. I have had a mixed relationship with D&D for years now. I think there is too much focus on the rules and not enough on the role-playing. Granted, that is partly based on who you play with, but it is also inherent in the complex rule set the game is based on. I dunno, just some rambling D&D thoughts here…


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