Free Writing

So, I have started sharing some of my free writes. I find them to be good exercises that let me just pour my thoughts out. I think not needing to worry about anything but the thoughts. I often end up writing about the same kinds of things that I would write if I were writing a Piggie Update, but those are something with more structure and are aimed at keeping people informed of the important things that are going on in my life. The Free Write is something raw. It may or may not make any sense. It will have miss spelled words and typos. I am sharing these as they are. No corrections or edits. They are as the came out onto the screen. I think it is interesting to see how my brain writes when I let it go. I have found that I get out more material and that it really has reasonable structure. I am thinking about approaching all my writing with a Free Write first and then going back to make it pretty. We’ll see.

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