Better Living Through Chemistry!

Wait! What? That can’t be right. Isn’t this country in the middle of a “War on Drugs”? There is a strange paradox in the social structure in this country. We make a shit ton of drugs but then we divide them into the drugs that are good to take and those that are not. There are so many that have been put into the good pile that can be just as dangerous and/or addictive as those put in the bad pile. I have never understood how this is decided. The thing that upsets me the most about this is they way that it stigmatizes people. Those that take the bad drugs become bad people. This isn’t right. They are still people. Why do we do that? Why do we judge people for making choices that are different from the ones that we make? I have definitely taken drugs from the good pile (that doctors have prescribed) that have turned out to be bad for me. But I’ve never been judged for that. Society is so fucked up.

“Americans have become a nation of druggies.” (1) This is so dangerously true. And it isn’t the people taking the drugs out of the bad pile that is becoming the crisis. It is those that are taking drugs out of the good pile. This is scary and hits right at the heart of my family. Both Monkey and I take drugs out of the good pile. The implications of these national statistics are scary.

“Prescription drugs are so dangerous that now even the DEA is hosting “take back your pills” day allowing citizens to anonymously surrender their unused prescription painkillers to DEA agents.” (1,2) While this program was back in 2010, let it be clear that these programs are still happening today. There are even movements for people to stop taking their prescriptions altogether and hand those over. I have mixed feelings about these programs. I have medical conditions that have been more stable since being on medications, yet they come at high cost and risk. Are they worth it? My medical mind really can’t come to a good answer to that one.

One fucked up thing to think about is that those taking prescriptions are in worse health status than those not taking them. Alright I know this sounds like chicken and the egg scenario. But if these drugs were really helping people, those taking the medications would be the healthier ones, right? Medications don’t cure anything. They just treat the symptoms rather than addressing the core issue. When a drug is developed, it is designed to target a symptom. Why aren’t we focused more on cures? Money. Drugs have always been a high profit market (whether legal or not). Cures generate less money then treatments. There is also that these drugs cause symptoms, illnesses and even death. There are times that the symptoms from drugs are being treated with more drugs.

The way that Pharm companies handle business is disturbing and the fact that our government is so twined into it is even more disgusting, but that is a topic for another blog (which I may or may not write). But I’ve put some links here that look at this and give examples of cases where this bullshit has been exposed.

References and other places to get more information:

  3. National Center for Health Statistics: “NCHS Data Brief No. 42, September 2010.”

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