Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual



by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood
This book was disappointing only in that it really didn’t go into the depth of information on the Aliens that I was hoping for. I love this world and the Aliens are, of course, the center piece of this world. There is information on the Aliens that is available in the various novels that I think the Marines would know, but it is not presented in this book as open knowledge. That is realistic given the power structure and the way that information is controlled. But I was hoping for more Alien information and in that way was disappointed. Other than that, the book was excellent! The degree which it covered the military structure and the weapons was through and complete. I felt that it gave me a great picture of the Marine world. I think that if I was ever to take on the daunting task of writing a fan fiction in this world that this would be an essential reference.


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