Who Is Diagnosing All These Kids With ADHD?

A national survey asks parents of children with ADHD who made their child’s diagnosis, and the methods used.

Source: Who Is Diagnosing All These Kids With ADHD?

Approximately 11% of US children receive a diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and the prevalence of the condition has been increasing in recent decades.

So, the question, when we see this kind of increase in a diagnosis, is why this increase is happening. I think that this survey is another way to look at this and I think it was a great idea.

Although professional organization guidelines exist and outline specific criteria that should be met to make the diagnosis of ADHD, the extent to which diagnostic criteria are followed and who diagnoses ADHD in children are not clear.

And this is important. Not every doctor is trained in making this diagnosis. There are many screening tools out there, but they are not diagnostic and one of the concerns is that they are being used that way. I am personally not a fan of a family doctor or pediatrician making this diagnosis. I personally feel that this should be something given to a psychiatrist to check. They are the experts. Why would we not want them involved?

The thing about this survey is that it suggests that there isn’t enough involvement with the psychiatrist and that the screening tools are being used to diagnosis. This suggests that there are children that are being diagnosed who may not have the disorder. That is problematic on so many levels. If there is something going on with these children we need to be sure that we know what it is before we start treating them, especially if we are talking about medications.

Now, something to keep in mind here is that this survey is only giving us part of the picture. The parents have no reason to lie on this survey, so I am taking the data at face value. However, there are things that the survey didn’t ask that I would want to know. So, a family doctor wrote the diagnosis, but was there psych consult? Was there a psych eval for the ADHD? Sometimes the family doctor is the one that gives the parents the information and writes the diagnosis after there has been an extensive work up by experts. That may be happening. This data does not ask that question.

But I am glad that they are taking a look at this problem from another angle. It is complex and really requires that we get complex in the way that we are exploring it.


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  1. Excuse me but do you have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD or have been diagnosed yourself? Or are you receiving this knowledge from a website or practitioners that don’t practice neurology?


    • This post is in response to the Medscape post by William T. Basco, Jr, MD, MS you can find that post by following the link that I provided above. William T. Basco, Jr, MD, MS was writing about the research that is being done in regards to ADHD. The research that he was looking at in particular in this post is one that is trying to understand the process that most children experience for diagnosis. In medicine, that is important. You would not want to have a heart attack diagnosed by having your foot x-rayed! There is no question that this diagnosis is real or valid. The question is why is there such an increase in the number of children diagnosed? This survey was asking if the increase is being caused by the way the diagnosis is being made. I myself am currently being evaluated for ADHD and have found it to be a complex, lengthy process. In addition, everything I post here is from a mixed perspective. I am a psych patient, am related to those who are psych patients and I am a psych nurse taking care of psych patients. I hope that answered your question.


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