i stand by you
but there is nothing that i can do
powerless and afraid
i hold onto you
your decision was made
long before i met you
i have no right to stop you
but can not i watch you go
and what then
if you leave my arms
but do not come back
crumbling and breaking
hurry and go
before this resolve becomes dust
and i try to keep you here
did i ever factor in your equation
was there ever any doubt
since you met me
or was it always going to be like this
holding onto your jacket
and looking out into the rain
i want you to look back
but i know you will not
why would you
and you start to turn
you bastard do not dare
i press my hand on your shoulder
and shove you to the door
do not give me the promise
that glance would imply
turning my back to you
just go just go just go


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