Piggie Update 100115

Happy Birthday, Frog! I love you and I hope your house has stopped leaking.

Well, I saw the doctor about my swollen lymph nodes.  Well, he doesn’t think that is the cause of my abdomen pain either. Sigh. It’s always something else. He thinks it is either the IBS or that I have food allergies. I’m not sure how it could be the IBS when I haven’t had an attack in a while. You’d think the pain would get better and worse right along with the other IBS symptoms. I just don’t know. Food allergies are possible. I am allergic to some foods, so it is possible that there are others that I don’t know about. It’s such a pain in the ass to figure that kind of thing out. I am just getting very frustrated with the whole problem. I never imagined that I would be running around to so many doctors with so little coming of it. I just want to stop having pain.


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