Piggie Update 091815

In my fucked up medical world, there is always something brewing. At least, it feels that way. And it can never be somethings straight forward and easy to treat.


I have been having abdomen pain and have no idea why. This pain has been ongoing for over a year now. So, I’ve seen a GI doctor and he has treated me and says there is nothing in that realm that is causing the pain. Then I see a GYN and she gives the lady bits a big thumbs up and says there is no problem there. Then it is off to the urologist for his opinion. I saw him 8/20, but really didn’t get much because he sends me off to get a CT scan as the start of the process. Makes sense.

The scan was done on 9/1 and shows that I have mesenteric lymphadenitis. This is something I have never heard of and was like: WTF? I saw the urologist again on 9/3 and he declares this to be something he doesn’t treat and makes a referral to another doctor. However, he stated that this does not rule out interstitial cystitis. >.<


When I get home, I look this up. Because I get the basic idea, but can’t figure out why it is happening in my body. The mesentery is a fold of membrane that attaches the intestine to the abdominal wall and holds it in place. Mesenteric lymphadenitis is an inflammation of the lymph nodes in the mesentery. This inflammation normally happens when there is an infection and mostly in children. There are a small number of cases that this happens without an infection and there is no known reason.


I do not have an infection. My white counts have been normal. I have been dealing with this pain for long enough now that if it was related to an infection I would have gone septic and been seriously sick by now. Without it being an infection, I have no idea how they would go about treating this. Who knows how much longer this pain is going to hang around.

Fucking awesome.

Even better, I missed the appointment with that other doctor (some kind of surgeon) because I didn’t realize that I had the appointment. Not their fault. They gave me the appointment date in the paper work that they sent me home with after my appointment with the urologist. I didn’t read said paper work, because I thought I knew what was going on and thus did not put said appointment on my calendar. Now, I have to try to figure out when to get into see this doctor. I have to call them at some point here…


I work tonight and tomorrow night. I have Sunday off. Possibly work Monday. But then am scheduled for 9/22-9/28 all 12 hour shifts. That’s 7 nights in a row. Not a really big deal unto itself. But it makes it hard to schedule in any doctor appointments. That week I will really be sleeping and working. Except on the 24th I have an appointment with my new psych provider. That’s a 1300. Great. I work from 1900 until 0730 which means I get home just about 0930. So, I’ll get a nap between 1000 and 1230. Then I can hopefully get a nap after that. No idea how long that appointment will be. And for those of you who have mental illness, you probably feel the same way I do about getting new providers:


I was getting care for a long time through one place and I really liked being a patient there. I liked it enough that I referred my sister over there. Then the clinician and the advanced practice nurse I was seeing both left. I had to get assigned to other people there. Everything changed. I was suddenly being treated like I was a child and knew nothing about what was going on in my own mind and body. I’d complain that a medication was making things worse and they would not seem to be interested in hearing me. Unfortunately, my sister was having the same experience. That’s why I’m going to see this Donna next week. Hopefully, I can find someone that is going to help me. But it means starting over. I have to try to relate my history to her ans get her caught up with where I am at now. I hate that process. But then there is the fact that you don’t get good psych care if you don’t open up and let them see what’s really going on. It is really hard to let a complete stranger take that kind of look. Especially when you’re not sure that they are the provider you’re going to be staying with.


So, that’s my life right now. I have been super busy and have let the blogging fall to the side. I don’t know that any blogging will get done next week either. I might get a few things into the cue today, but we’ll see.


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  1. I have intersticial cystitis and it can be a massive pain in the…well..bladder. I agree it would be hard to believe you’ve had an infection for over a year without being aware of it on some other level. IC is one of those diseases that they diagnose once you exhibit some symptoms, like pain, and they can’t find anything else wrong with you. Let me know if it does turn out to be IC. We can trade tips. I hope that you have something stupid wrong with you that is easily cured though


    • Well, I know I have mesenteric lymphadenitis and that might be where all this pain is coming from. They’ll investigate this more before they reconsider looking at the bladder. It’s just a waiting game at the moment. Have to wait for the appointment and see the next doctor. Waiting is the worst part.


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