The post I read: List of Things Other People Want You to Believe (that you should ignore)

So, I read this blog and it got me thinking. I agree with what the article said, but I started thinking about this is more general terms. The real core thing here is that you shouldn’t let other people think for you. There is nothing wrong with listening to the ideas of others, getting input or advice. But we need to think for ourselves, especially when it comes to making decisions about our selves. Sometimes this can be hard, especially when you are young. You need to ask yourself what you want in life by first asking yourself what kind of person you want do be. Then all your other decisions should follow from there. If you want to be a kind person who helps others, maybe you should look for the type of job where you can help other people. But no matter how you go about making your choices in life, remember that they are your choices. Doing this takes clear boundaries. You have to learn to tell other people to back off. Decide how much you want the help of other people and in what ways. Then make that clear to your family and friends. Keep in mind that this can be hard, but if you stick to your guns this can make things much better for you. Lastly, if someone is completely unwilling to respect your boundaries, you should reconsider their presence in your life.


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