Depression – Without Meds

Without Meds

Research About SSRIs

The mental health industry is founded on prescribing mood-enhancing drugs rather than uncovering and confronting the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and environmental root causes of depression, anxiety and attention deficit ‘disorders.’

I will not argue that mental illnesses do not exist. But I will argue that health care in general, but in mental health particularly, we have moved into a dangerous pattern of reaching for medications as our first treatment option. We have forgotten to consider and address the root causes of illness. Research supports the power of non-medication treatments for mental illness. Yet, this isn’t our first approach. Why is that? Unfortunately it is because the corporations are taking way too much control of everything in this country (ok that’s a rant for another day…)

The important thing here is that you need to advocate and educate yourself on the mental illness you or your loved one has been diagnosed with. Do not be afraid to question your health care providers. Challenge their assumptions and advocate for non-medication treatment options. I really believe that medications should be the last resort.

Before you run out to your natural health food store and buy yourself some herbal remedies: remember that they are chemicals too and come with many of the same risks that prescription medications do. And the research on these supplements is even more tenous than the research for prescription medications.




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