Compassion Hurts


Compassion truly is a double edged sword. Without it, there is only emptiness and despair. But with it, we open ourselves to not only the suffering that comes from loss, but to the suffering that comes from watching others struggle. It is a difficult task to find the balance between openness and emptiness.

Openness is our ability to allow the world to touch and to connect with who we are. This allows us to belong within the universe in which we live. It gives us a sense of community and allows us to know the joy of love.

Emptiness is our capacity to devoid ourselves of emotional response. While on the surface this seems like a negative thing, it in fact in important and a powerful tool for good. If we allow our emotions to over come us, we loose the ability to rationalize. These means that our despair would completely consume us and our love would blind us.

We need enough Openness to ground ourselves to that which is around us, but enough Emptiness to not drown in it.

Finding balance is at the heart of all human struggles.


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