Making Bat Sock

So, My daughter is a HUGE fan of Batman. I’m always getting requests from her to make a Batman of some kind or another. Recently, I have been making stuffed critters out of old or discarded socks. Then my kiddo requested that I make her a Batman out of socks. This is the process and end result.

I started with a sock.


Nothing special. Just an old ankle sock that had a worn out heel. So, I chopped off the said heel.


I tossed the crap heel. Then I stitched such the end, leaving an open area to turn it right side out. Stuffed it with polyfill. I took a flat rock I found outside and stuck it in the bottom of the sock. This gave it weight so it’ll stand up.


Then I used a basting stitch to draw shut a neck to separate the body and head. Wrapped the thread around the neck a couple times and tied it off.image


I took a little piece from a yellow sock and cut it into a rectangle and stitched it onto his face. Then I used another basting stitch to draw in the middle to give them a little bit of a puffy look.


(Ignore the ears in this picture, they totally didn’t work out and I hacked them off.)

Then I took an old pair of velveteen pants to make the cape and general out fit for Mr. Bat Sock. So, maybe it stops being a sock critter at this point… I dunno. So, I just took a strip out the fabric and wrapped it around his body to make a little dress like drape.


I cut one of the pockets out of the pants and used it to make the hood of the cape. It was already sown into a nice little curve that I tinkered with to fit his head.


Then I cut out some eye holes and stitched the edges of the holes down around the eye lumps. Then the complicated weirdness of folding happened that resulted in a snug hood and a pair of arms. No idea how I did it, but I know it was a weird mess of folds and pins. Resulted in this:


And of course I back stitched a mouth. Because, Bat Sock totally needed a dour mouth! The cape was the easiest part. I just cut a triangle shape and cut some points out of the bottom. Hemmed up the edges and stitched onto him.


That just left the bat symbol on his chest (which I almost forgot!). So, I took another bit of that yellow sock and used a sharpie to draw the bat symbol on it then stitched it onto his chest.


So, that’s my Bat Sock.

End result isn’t what I had in my head, but the kiddo liked him and I suppose that’s what matters!

What do you think of him?



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