Piggie Update 120213

The year is almost over and my little brother is a year older. Some how, these kinds of things just make me feel old. There was a time that I looked forward to things that marked the passage of time; heralding in a new day. Seems that was lost with my childhood.

How are things? Well, could be better and could be worse, but I suppose that encompasses the entirety of my state of being.

My health is good. The seizures remain at bay. My pain is fairly well controlled; zero is not a realistic goal and I have accepted that. I’m done with this round of PT and I think it has helped. My right hand is much stronger then it had been. They taught my husband a few things that I think will help me moving forward. I am seeing the pain clinic now and I hope that will help address the pain more. I’d like to get rid of a few meds and I’m hoping the clinic can help me with that. I’ve only had one appointment, so all I can do is move forward and see what comes of it. My gut is behaving itself, for the most part. And I haven’t gone completely bat shit crazy yet. So, yeah, I think my medical status is pretty good right now.

Work is pretty good. I’m not super excited about my current schedule, but it is the lesser of evils. I work 3 shifts a week that are 12 hours and 1 shift a week that is 4 hours. Gives me my 40 hours a week that we need. That pay check has to come in with the right numbers or we’re hurting. All there is to it. I love 12 hour shifts. The kiddo seemed to like me working 8 hour shifts, but I’ll be honest and say that I like 12 hours better. I hate the 4 hour shifts. Seems like I just get there and I’m leaving again. The job itself is great. The work load is enough to keep me busy the entire shift, but not so much to make my head implode. The reduction of stress has been a god send and I’m sure that has played a part in my medical status improving. I like the people I work with, which always makes the job easier. The boss is reasonable and supportive. Seems like they are happy with my work which is another good thing.

We don’t have medical insurance for another month, which makes things hard.  That’s one of the joys of changing jobs, I guess. So far, things have been manageable. All the stuff dealing with my right shoulder, arm and hand is a workmen’s compensation case, so I haven’t been paying on that. And the few meds I’ve had to get have been low cost. It just means making sure we don’t schedule anything without looking at the cost and planning for how to pay it. On the up side, I’m not paying for insurance as of yet either, so we can use that money towards the medical bills. Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing big comes up in the next month. No sure what the up coming insurance will look like. The reality is that you never really know what your insurance is going to do for you until you start using it. The package looks alright except the dental. The issue there is the 6 month waiting period before you can get anything major done. And the hubby needs his mouth worked on. And that falls into the major category. We might carry forward the dental from the previous insurance, but we’ll have to look at the cost and benefits. It would mean paying for an overlap of dental insurance, but that might be our best bet. I don’t know.

Then there’s workmen’s compensation. It in court right now and its complicated. No one is questioning the legitimacy of the injury nor the need for medical care. Which is a huge plus in my corner. It helps that there is 7 years worth of medical records in which all the providers document the validity of my complaints and that there have been numerous tests that confirm structural and functional changes. Can’t fake an MRI or EMG. So, the issue is that there are 2 insurance companies involved and they are fighting over who should be paying which portions of the care. Then there is an issue of statute of limitations. 7 years is the cut. Which means that if I cannot prove that this has been an ongoing issue that has been under care for the duration of that time, they can deny me payment completely, from both insurances. So, that’s the very basic idea of the case. I went to court and testified which took 2 hours. It was the worst thing I have ever done. You’d think speaking would be easy, but its amazing how difficult it is to think of all that crap on the spot. 7 years worth of medical information is difficult to sort when you have the chart in front of you. Its even more difficult when there is nothing to reference. There were 4 lawyers and the judge. One lawyer was mine. Each went around and asked questions and they all had the crap in front of them on paper. I didn’t get that luxury. When ever I had to answer with “I don’t know” I felt like a complete idiot. But my lawyer said that I did a great job, so I hope she’s right. Now I get to play the waiting game. They have until the middle of this month to put together their cases for the judge and that assuming none of them file for an extension. Then the judge has 3 months to decide the case. That means another few months out before I will have any idea how the dust falls. Its stressful because every time I put something into the workmen’s compensation claim, I can’t help thinking that if I loose the case I will be footing the entire bill. And well, that’s way more then we can afford. The catch 22 is that stopping treatment suggests that the issue is resolved and continued treatment may cost us a good chunk of cash. Not to mention that I really need the care in order to stay at a functional level that allows me to work.

I’m sure there are other things that I haven’t typed to you guys about, but those are the big ones and the only ones that come to mind at the moment. Thus, that closes this Piggie Update!


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I am Myself I am a Wife Blessed with love I am a Mother Endowed with divinity Through the power of creation I am a Daughter Brought into this world With unending hope And the promise of the future I am a Sister Made fierce and strong While forged with kindness Protector and protected Spiraling together forever I am a Nurse Holding out the hands of healing And offering the sick comfort And the dying love Knowing that through this All things are healed and made whole I am a Writer Creating myself and world Sharing the inner depths of humanity Bringing together the divine And the humble mortal I tell the story of the Goddess And am remembered forever

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