Feeling Annoyed

*WARNING: This blog contains angry rants and profanity, read at your own risk 😛

I am completely done going to Thayer hospital for any testing. Their systems are completely fucked! A few years ago, I went there for a colonoscopy and they didn’t even have me down for the appointment. I’d done the prep and they wanted to reschedule me for another day. Fuck that! After throwing a bit of a fit, they did do the test that day. Then I went in for my EEG and they had put me down in their schedule for the Augusta campus but put Waterville on my paper work. Since I showed up on time, there was no way I could get to Augusta in time for the appointment. So, they wanted to reschedule me. I was pissed. This test was important (you know, finding out if something was wrong with my brain…) and I am out of work until all the test results come back. I explained this and showed them the paper work they had given me. They again wanted me to reschedule. I gave them a piece of my mind and they suddenly were able to make it work for me to have the EEG that day. Then a few days later, their hard drive crashed and they were then unable to render the results for the neurologist. First of all, why are they waiting DAYS to render these results. Again, its just my brain we’re talking about here, not like we’d want to know right away if something was wrong… So, they don’t call me or the neurologist to report this. No, they just spend the next 2 days telling both me and the neurologist that they will send the results as soon as they can. Ok, I am patient, I can wait a while. In my case, we’re not expecting anthing bad on the EEG, just trying to make sure nothing is over looked… So, after 2 weeks of this bull shit, I call the hospital and demand to know what the hold up is. Apparently the hard drive completely crashed and the IT department was attempting to retrieve the data for myself and 6 other people. Now, that was too much for me. I explained that an EEG is not ordered unless the neurologist felt that something was wrong with the patient’s brain. You know, that stupid little organ that controls the functions of the entire body?! Yeah, you don’t wait 2 fucking weeks and screw around. God forbid that one of us has something serious going on in our brain and the doctor doesn’t know yet because the hospital has sat with their thumb up their ass. I understand that sometimes computers tell us to fuck off and there isn’t a lot that we can do about that. However, why the fuck would you wait 2 weeks before you did something crazy, like contacting theses people for retesting? I demanded that they schedule me for another EEG and informed them that if there was anything wrong with my brain and their lack of rescheduling me for testing prior to that delayed my treatment and decreased my chances of a good out come in any way; I was so suing them for malpractice. You know, they were able to schedule me the very next day, bright and early in the morning. The neurologist’s secretaty called to inform me that the hospital had informed her that they would be rescheduling his patients and I told her I knew. She thanked me and told me that he had one serious case that was going to benefit from my being aggressive. I hope that person is not harmed from the 2 week wait. Seriously, do people not understand that EVERY department in a health care facility is ESSENTIAL to ensure that the patients are getting good care? When scheduling is screwed up, important data collection is delayed. When the IT department cannot fix a computer, data becomes unavailable (data that a doctor uses to make decisions regarding their patients). Laundry and house keeping ensure that patients have a clean environment and reduces the risks that diseases are not spread. I could go on and on about this. Yes, its the nursing staff that put thier hands on the patients, but its the ENTIRE TEAM that ensures these patients have a good outcome. So, now that I’m done ranting… What does this mean for me? I’m out for another week and am still waiting for EEG results to find out if there is anything going on with my brain. So, that leaves me with no paycheck and full of frustration. I hate it when people don’t take the initative to fix things. I’m not angry that the computer crashed, just angry that they didn’t think it was important to communicate this to their patients and the doctors that ordered the test. It should have been the doctor’s place to decide if they could wait for the test results or if immediate retesting needed to be done. The complete lack of organization of Thayer hospital has left me feeling completely disgusted.


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