Not Much New…

Been to my doctor’s appointment. Not really anything new, just a place to get started. Got all the needed things in place. I will be out from work for at least another week, until all the tests and appointments are done. After that it will depend on what the doctor thinks. I’m on an antibiotic for a UTI, just to top everything off >.< Peeing fire is so much fun 😛 Trying to keep up with things at home. Been a challenge since all I want to do is sleep. There are piles of herbs in my kitchen that I am working on getting done. Eric and I have picked over the parsley and the thyme. The thyme is in the oven drying now. It’ll be at least 2 hours. Then we’ll put the parsley in and start clipping the purple basil. Lots of waiting time. As far nas the seizures go, I have been doing pretty well. I had one episode of facial twitching yesterday morning, but it resolved quicklly after I took some meds. Yay, meds >.< Hopefully, the neurologist will have some ideas that doesn’t involve tons of pills!


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  1. Well, first of all, love herbs, never had luck growing them, especially here in Florida. Can relate to the Dr. thing as apparently I have an angry and confused uterus and am pre-menopausal. Yea, when I told Doug that I was pre and not in menopause or post, he was like WHAT, OH JOY! 🙂 LOL. welcome to our next 30 years of marriage 🙂 Okay, now onto to these seizures. How many have you had? Have they said anything about what the possible cause is? How scary! I hate taking an aspirin let alone any other kind of drug. If it is possible always try to seek out a Dr who believes in holistic or homeopathic ways of healing in combo with a drug if it is necessary to sustain life. Keep me posted 🙂 (((((hugs)))))


    • I have had pretty good luck growing the herbs, but the whole drying and storing them thing is new to us. We’ll see how it goes…
      Pre-menopausal crap is oh so fun. Been there a good number of patients over the years and can say I am not looking forward to that part of life.
      I have had 3 partial seizures. They have done a bunch of testing without a clear cause at this point. The best bet is the meds I’m on and lack of sleep adding up to nothing good. It can be scary, espically in the midst of one. But I am trying to take things on a day to day basis. No point in freaking out about what could happen… Sometimes that’s easier said then done though.
      Unfortunately, there are several meds that I need to take these days. And nothing in life is without risk, so roll the dice and pray, eh?
      I have more tests and doctor appointments in the near future, so I’m playing the waiting game for now.
      I will keep posting updates as things change.
      Thanks for the hugs, I can use them! 😀


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