Why is Marriage a Legal Matter?

I generally don’t make posts regarding politics, but I feel I really need to say a few things on the topic of marriage. I am for letting gays marry and even people who want multiple spouses. This is not to say that I personally am looking for either in my life, but I think people should have the right to choose. I think one of the amazing thing is that marriage is a legal matter at all. I think that the idea of keeping the church and the state separate is one that we should strongly hold onto. How can we respect the religious rights of everyone if we don’t keep religious issues out of the law. In my opinion, marriage should solely a religious matter and not a legal issue at all. I am an advocate of choice. If people want to do something that causes to harm to others then they should be allowed to make that choice. If people choose to get married, it has no effect on other people. They should be allowed to do so by the law. If religions want to decide who can’t get married, that’s the right of the churches. I have nothing against a priest saying that he will not marry people who are marrying outside his faith. But, it should still be legal for them to do so! Why is the law involved in marriage anyway?! There are numerous religions that believe in multiple spouses and are advocates for gay marriage. This is a personal choice based on personal/religious ethics/morals. I could rant about this forever, but I really think I’ve covered my thought on the matter: the law should stay the fuck out of it!


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