Sitting on the Swear Fence…

I’m in the middle ground here. I personally swear pretty often, but I always keep my audience in mind. If you are around someone you know dislikes it, then curesty requires you to curb your language. On the other hand, I think the hub bub over swears is stupid. They are words, nothing more. How is one word a swear and another not? There really is no rationale behind the distinction, thus I find no purpose in this distinction being supported. I think meaning and intent behind the words should matter more than the words themselves. Calling someone a poopy head versus a shit head is irrelevant. Both are insulting and should be viewed negatively based on the inherent meanness behind name calling. Nothing drives me nuts more than people being allowed by their peers to be disrespectful and/or hateful because they are polite in their verbal abuse. Most people base their distaste for swears on their religion. I respect that belief and feel that everyone is entitled to it, but don’t impose those beliefs on me. Freedom of speech is a powerful thing and protects the words we like as much as those that we do not. On the other hand, I find swearing for the sake of swearing is immature. I find people often use swears because they are offensive and carry a shock value. Using any word in this fashion devalues the beauty and eloquence of language. So, basically I am one that views swears the same as any other word. If it is appropriate and conveys the desired meaning, go ahead and use it!

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  1. I for one, does not like swearing langauge, purely because I felt bad each time I heard it. If I had felt good or nothing at hearing them, I would not mind it. But some of the words (most of them) made me feel bad, so I do not like to hear them at all. But there are people who are like you had mentioned.

    This is an encounter shared with me by my ex-colleague. It happened with a Christian. My ex-colleague (I’ll just use EC) is not a christian, and she is a fan of a Japanese Band by the name of Lucifer (which I happened to be as well… which leads to how I know this tale). So one day at work, she was talking about how she like Lucifer and suddenly, this Christian Guy (CG) just had a very strong reaction. CG backed up very violently, and said, “EC, you f***!”. And if that is not enough, he repeated that swear again, for one or two times.

    Now, my question is, which is worse? Swearing at a person because of a Band Name (EC definitely did not choose the name for that band) or saying the name of a Band? I guess the answer is obvious.


    • To me, this is not an issue of the person swearing, but one of disrespect. If the name of the band was offensive and the person did not want to discuss the topic because of that, they should have simply stated so. Additionally, I believe that knowing your audience is always important when speaking. This goes beyond the use of swearing, but I’ll keep it focused on that for the time being. You should use neutral language any time the audience preference in unknown. I find this to be an issue of respect and politeness. After all, what is offensive is not always apparent; just like in the example that you gave. I’m sure that your friend did not intend to offend. I just think that we are becoming hyper sensitive and too quick to beat each other up (verbally) when we accidently offend. With all the different cultures and religions and different kinds of social groups, it really is all too easy to offend. I just think things would be easier for all if we would lighten up a little, take a step back and consider intent before we respond. A little respect goes a long way!


      • I think, the thing is, with the freedom of speech and the new culture within the newer generations, we are forgetting about responsibilty that comes with words. You can quicker earn a million than eat back the words you said…. or sth like that, quoted from A view from the bridge. Maybe, before we shoot our mouths off, we must stop and think with a clear mind.


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